Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Quality has been the basis of our success at LAVANYA, and it remains non-negotiable on every project, in every deliverable. Based on decades of experience executing high quality projects, LAVANYA has meticulously developed a Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) to ensure excellence across the board. From designers to project managers to administration, we have put standards in place to employ best practices and ensure consistency from project to project for all team members.

The QAM emphasizes information sharing to ensure every stage receives the input from team members with appropriate expertise, quality checks to increase exposure and proactively address potential issues, and clearly defined responsibilities to do it all with maximum efficiency.

At Lavanya, we aim to provide highest quality drawings and designs for all our projects irrespective of the scale and all company personnel practice this in their routine schedule.

In the context of the firm’s consultancy services, Quality Assurance is aimed to control the routine functions within the working environment, while not stifling creativity through overbearing bureaucracy.

This rigorous systematic regulation of planning, execution, and continuous review means that our clients can depend on the quality LAVANYA delivers.