Our Expertise - Architecture

Architecture WorkArchitecture is the process of creation of space for various human activities. These spaces may range from very private space to large public spaces . It is achieved by devoted planning ,designing and construction. Architectural works are perceived as cultural symbols and are frequently interpreted as work of art. Historical civilization are often identified with their architectural works which reflect the level of development of the particular civilization. The term architecture now has been adopted to describe the activity of designing any kind of system eg. in describing information technology, in growth of a revolution, in process of a victory etc.

In relation to buildings, architecture deals with planning, designing & constructing form, space and ambience in response to functional, technical, social, environmental & aesthetic consideration. Best architectural masterpieces involve creative manipulation, material coordination, technology, light and shadow. The other facts of architecture are cost estimating, construction management and scheduling. The building is defined by a series of drawings & three dimensional views which define the structure and the concept.

A good building should be durable. It has to be useful and function properly for the purpose it has been created and should appear beautiful to the people.

Many prominent Architects have created buildings in their own style much akin to artists and sculptors. It has thereby linked architecture to art. Many movements over the generations have changed the concepts of Architecture as the technology & aspirations of people changed with them.

Today the consideration of sustainability is an important issue in architecture. Buildings should be constructed in a system which is environmentally friendly. The building should aim to have no negative impact on the natural & built environment of the surrounding area. The building should have systems to generate its own heating , cooling, water & waste management and lighting.

As the times pass, the complexity of building is increasing. The field of architecture has become multi disciplinary with specializations for each project type, technology & delivery methods. Now there is a separation between ‘design’ architect & The ‘project’ architect who ensure the project is executed exactly as conceived. The preparatory process for the design of large buildings has become increasingly complicated and it cannot be the design of one person but the work of many specialist’s working as cohesive unit.

Environmental sustainability is a major issue. There is an increase in the number of building which seek to meet green buildings sustainable design principles. Sustainable methods that were at the core of vernacular architecture are providing inspiration for environmentally sustainable modern techniques.

Our approach to Architectural projects is to understand the context of the project and client’s requirements. Architectural design is worked out based on the functional planning of space and optimization of the property. Care is taken to accommodate all planning norms and providing trouble free services network.

Detailed analysis is done at site level and is carried forward for constructing scheduling, tendering and handing over stages. Design solutions are in accordance with the client’s brief, building bylaws, flexibility of spaces, climatic responsiveness of design & overall aesthetic appeal of the built form.

Lavanya is working in following Key areas-

  1. Residential, Townships, Affordable Housing projects
  2. Commercial Development
  3. Institutional Projects (Health & Education)
  4. Tourism & Hospitality
  5. Industrial Park & SEZ

Major areas of Service/Operations are -

  1. Architectural Planning & Design
  2. 3D Modeling & Presentation Drawings
  3. Structural Engineering Design
  4. Tender Preparation
  5. Working & Approval Drawings
  6. Project Management & Co-ordination