Our Expertise - Interior Designing

Interior WorkInterior design involves turning an interior space into a usable space. The space should be modulated in such a way that it gives effective setting for the desired human activities that are to take place there. Interior design is a multidimensional profession that includes conceptualization, execution and management of the project. The requirement of effective use of space, user comfort and functional design has resulted in the development of this profession. Man has always had an emotional need to put a personal touch to the interior spaces he regularly used. Hence the requirement to design interior spaces as per the personal needs and thoughts of the user is born. People use paintings to decorate their spaces. They also use their photographs or family photographs in response to the need to bond with their surroundings. An interior designer understands these needs and takes it forward to a higher level.

In public realm, interior designing is creating spaces being used by many people at one time. These include malls, multiplexes, offices, institutions, libraries, transport hubs etc. All these differ radically from each other in terms of interior design and functionality. Good interior design is achieved by efficient spaces planning, choice of materials, signage, movement pattern etc. The interior design should clearly convey the message desired by the designer as one moves through a space.

Type of interior design include residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, exhibition design, spatial branding etc. The profession of interior design is constantly evolving. It is also an art form which relies on research from many fields to provide understanding as how people are influenced by their environment.

Other areas of specialization are museum & exhibition design, event design, theatre design, healthcare design etc. Our main aim in all our interior projects is to understand the client’s brief thoroughly to develop a exclusive design that can satisfy all his needs in both spiritual & functional ways.

The cost efficiency in services layouts without compromising the design quality is the main consideration in the interior layouts. Incorporating the concepts of natural light & ventilation as per the space requirement are the other criteria's that shape our designs.


Lavanya is working in following Key areas-

  1. Home Interiors
  2. Office Space Planning
  3. Furniture Design
  4. Illumination Design

Major areas of Service/Operations are -

  1. Interior Design & Planning Work
  2. 3D Modeling & Presentation Drawing
  3. HVAC Proposals
  4. Electrical Layouts
  5. Quantity Survey & Bill Verification