Our Expertise - Urban Planning

Urban Planning Urban planning is process for control of use of land and the design of town environment. It guides the development of settlements and communities through technical and political efforts. It is based on research and analysis, strategic spatial thinking, architecture, urban design, public interaction, policy formulation, implementation & management.

A plan for the future development of the city is based upon selection of a horizon year and all calculations are based on the time frame selected. A number of plans for the urban area can be selected based upon our strategic goal. The various plans include master plans, outline development plans, strategic plans, comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans, regulatory & incentive strategies, historic preservation plans, urban renewal plans etc all selected on the basis of our viewpoint & thinking. Planners are also responsible for enforcing the policies.

Urban planning has existed since prehistoric ties. The pre classical & classical periods saw a number of cities laid out according to fixed plans. Designed cities were present in Mesopotamian, Harrapan & Egyption civilizations. Distinct characteristics of urban planning in the Indus Valley Civilization were right angle laid out streets with hierarchy of streets, efficient drainage system intergrated with well developed urban sanitation. Urban planning models have changed over the ages in response to cultural and technological changes & advancements.

In recent times developers have also played huge roles in development by planning large projects as per the needs of the society. Many recent developments are a result of developers working on the development area from scratch. Basic approach of urban planning projects is to understand the historical nature of the existing settlement and plan for the future, based upon in depth study of the existing socio economic, demographic and physical profile of the town.

Our main objectives to the urban planning projects are-

  • To create settlements with concept of sustainable development.
  • To provide basic infrastructure, facilities and amenities, which are spatially well distributed.
  • To provide appropriate areas for public utilities to facilitate the efficient working environment in the city.
  • To provide an efficient transportation system which can cater to the future needs.

Lavanya is working in following Key areas-

  1. Perspective Plans
  2. Infrastructure Planning
  3. Pre Feasibility & Detail Project Report
  4. Slum Improvement & Rehabilitation
  5. Field Specific Surveys

Major areas of Service/Operations are -

  1. Master Plans of Towns & Villages, Zonal Plans, Regional Plans
  2. Sector Plans- Road Network/ Zonal Plans ect
  3. Survey & Preparation of Layout Plans
  4. Socio-Economic Surveys & Studies
  5. Tourism Development Plans
  6. Heritage & Conservation Plans
  7. Landscape Planning
  8. DPR, CDP’s & Reports